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How to use public transport in Rome

We are going to be clear from the beginning, getting around in Rome isn´t as easy as it is in other European cities. That said, we must also admit, there are many different options and the public transport in Rome is cheap, so we can´t complain neither.

Types of transportation in Rome, Italy

These are the most important means of transportation in Rome. As you can see there are may different options, click in each one of the Rome public transports, to read more information about their different prices, hours, and tips on how to use them:

Tips for public transport in Rome

As we said at the beginning, getting around Rome can get a little bit hard due to the many reconstructions there are always going on, but don´t worry, because we have made a list of dos and don´ts, so you don´t get lost as much as we did the first time 🤣.

  • Get a ticket/pass for the time you will be there, doesn´t matter if it is just one day or one month. It will allow you to move faster and don´t depend on one single route.
  • Download the app Moovit, it will tell you which one is the fastest and better route, as well as the exact time your bus/metro is arriving.
  • Depart 10 minutes earlier, public transport in Rome is not very punctual, so unless you don´t mind about the timing, try to leave home a little bit earlier.
  • As it happens in any other big city in the world, watch out for pickpockets and bag-snatchers, mainly in the most crowded and touristic stations.
  • Don’t use public transport without the ticket. Yes, we know it sounds like common sense, but in Rome, if you want to use the bus for example, you don´t need to show the ticket, therefore many tourists try to cheat, latter on they get caught and must pay a 50 to 100€ fine.

How to pay for public transport in Rome


If you want to use public transport, you must buy your tickets before entering any of the modes of transportation in Rome. Doesn´t matter if you´re taking the bus, metro or train, you won´t be able to pay the driver as it happens in other countries.

So… Where can you get them? There are different options, the most common ones are the vending machines at any Metro stations. Another option is to buy them at news-stands, kiosks, or tobacconists. In this case, they might speak English, so if you have any question, you can just ask them.  

Last of all, we have Ciampino airport, the place where we bought our tickets the first time. You´ll find a little stand from the Rome tourist office and that´s where they sell them. This airport is connected by public transport to the center of Rome, so in our opinion, it is the best option if you want to avoid paying a taxi or an Uber.

What is the favorite mode of transport in Rome?


Many people will tell you to just go walking and although we agree, it is the best way to get around Roma and see the city, we would only recommend it, if you have enough time there, because it is the slowest option and there are just too many things to do. Otherwise, it is much better to use the local transport in Rome.

So… What is the best transportation in Rome? We are clear about this one, it is a bit old and chaotic sometimes, but metro is for sure our favorite option. It doesn´t arrive late so often, so you can trust it and the most important places to see in Rome have a metro station nearby.

Of course, the problem with metros in Rome is that they don´t get you everywhere you want as they´re limited due to the many historical monuments and ruins there are. Therefore, you´ll also have to use the bus occasionally.

Ideal transport in Rome for tourists


In case you are traveling to Rome for the first time, our opinion doesn´t change, the best option is again the most popular transportion in Rome, the metro. But be advised that you will have to use the bus sometimes.

Other than using public transport in Rome, you can also take the Hop-on and Hop-off bus. They will just take you straight to the main tourism attractions and it is a much faster option.

🛵 How to use public transport in Rome? | 🚂 Getting around
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🛵 How to use public transport in Rome? | 🚂 Getting around
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