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Visit Castel Sant´Angelo in Rome

Sant´Angelo Castel, also known as Mausoleum of Hadrian, is for sure one of the top 10 places to visit in Rome. In despite of how famous it is, most of the people have only seeing pictures of it in Instagram and don´t know anything about it. Therefore, here there is some important information to have in mind before you visit Castel Sant´Angelo.

Castel Sant´Angelo Information


Before we start talking about what it is and what are the things you need to see, we have written a guide of different articles that will help you plan your visit to Castle Sant´Angelo:

What is the Castel Sant´Angelo?


Now a days, Castel Sant´Angelo is just used for cultural and touristic purposes, but historically, its functions were even more important and changed a lot in different eras.

At first, it was built as mausoleum, that´s where its name comes from. Just a few years later, it became a military building and it served as fortress. After that, it was used as an escape route for the Pope, a secret passage was built between Vatican City and the Castel Sant´Angelo. There even was a time where it was used as prison.

As you can see it has been used in many ways, but today it is just a museum with historical pieces of not only Rome, but the whole country. It also is one of Rome´s best viewpoints.

Things to see in Castle Sant´Angelo


There´re things to see at Castel Sant´Angelo from both sides, outside and inside.

Outdoors, you´ll of course find its famous bridge and sculptures. If you get there early in the morning, you´ll have it all for yourself. In the other side, Mausoleum of Hadrian is located right next to Tiber River, therefore, by crossing the bridge and taking one of the sides, you´ll find a great view of the river, the castle, and the bridge.

Once you go inside, the first stop is the ticket window, keep walking and head to the spiral ramp that goes through the hole castle. Going up, you´ll see the exhibition hall, the cells and later a café with the first viewpoint. Upstairs, you´ll find the old Papal apartments and in the last floor, there is a terrace with a view of not only Vatican City, but to the whole Rome.

ᐉ Visit Castel Sant´Angelo in Rome【 Important Information 】
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ᐉ Visit Castel Sant´Angelo in Rome【 Important Information 】
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