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Best Rome Travel Guide in 2022

It´s normal to be LOST when you are visiting Rome: Transport, mistakes not to make, restaurants to eat, places to visit…There are many things you need to keep in mind, and it can be a little bit stressful and chaotic. Luckily for you (not for us😂), since we have just come from our trip to Rome (and we have learned many things from our mistakes), we decided to do the best Rome travel guide.

We believed that this Rome tourist information will be very helpful, and if you have any other question, you can just ask us in the comment section at the end of the blog.

Rome tourist & general information

We have to start our travel guide for Rome with the most basic things. Which is the currency, their language… Of course, if you already know about them, just go to the next paragraph.

  • Language: The official language in Rome is the Italian, but since it´s a very touristic city, you will find tons of people who can speak English.
  • Time Zone: In Rome they have the Central European Standard Time, which is around 6 hours ahead comparing to New York.
  • Calling Code: +39
  • Visitors per year: After Paris and London, Rome is normally the third most visited city in Europe. It receives between 7 and 10 million visitors per year.

Places to visit

Due to its history and how well they have conserved them, the monuments of Rome are the biggest tourist attractions in the city. There are a million places, and you can literally spend weeks or months to see them all. These are some of the monuments we had to include on this Rome tour guide:

Trevi Fountain


It´s considered for many people the most beautiful fountain in the world. The Trevi fountain is known for being huge, impressive and for having thousands of tourists around it. Other than that, everyone who visits this popular site throws a coin to make the three wishes come true.  

Sant´Angelo Castel


It may not be the most beautiful place in Rome, but we think it´s a little bit underrated and visiting it is a must. The Castel is known for its beautiful bridge, the statue located on the top, and of course, it´s impressive view to the Vatican City.



What can we say about one of the seven wonders of the world? Beautiful on the outside and on the inside too, a huge history and a place that will for sure impress you. Now, before going, you must read a little bit about it, because it will help you be more prepared and save some money.

Neighborhoods to visit in Rome


Everyone goes to the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the rest of the famous monuments, but Rome is not all about sculptures, monuments and buildings. One of the things we enjoyed the most was getting lost through their different neighborhoods, it allowed us to get to know the insides of Rome and how their local people live.

By far, the neighborhood you can´t miss is Trastevere. Is located west of the Tiber River (not very close from the center), their colorful streets, and specially their restaurants with the best food of Rome, make it totally worth visiting it.

Other areas you should visit are Tivoli and the Jewish Ghetto.

When should you visit Rome?


One of our biggest tips to visit Rome is related to the best time to go. Of course, Rome is beautiful during the whole year, but there are seasons when you will see it with a million tourists and other seasons where it will be a little bit “emptier”. The same happens with the prices, visiting Rome won´t cost you the same if you go during Christmas or if you go during low season.

Other than that, to go to Rome, you should always keep in mind the weather. Do you like rainy days? The autumn or spring colors?

Since we can´t tell you all about it on this travel guide to Rome, we have decided to make an article, explaining “when is the best time to go to Rome?”. Hope you enjoy it!

How many days do you need in Rome?


2,3,4,5, or 6 days in Rome? Which is the exact time recommended? Well, it depends on what´s your trip idea, if you go to Rome just to see the highlights, of course you can just spend 2 days in the city.

For the ones who want to see everything properly, get to know the local areas, and try their most delicious dishes, we would always recommend a minimum of 4 or 5 days.

Anyway, we still advise you reading our “5 days in Rome itinerary” to see if that´s the kind of trip you like.

Getting around Rome


On our Rome city guide, we could not miss the transport. It´s very important to know how you are going to move around the city before the trip starts (otherwise you will lose a lot of time).

Luckily, Rome is a city very well prepared to use the public transport. The metro and the bus work perfectly and their prices are pretty accessible. You can also walk through the city but be careful because if you don´t do a good planification, you will be already tired on the first day.

The only not so good side about the transport in Rome are the taxis, they are very expensive. Check our article bellow to see more about the public transport in Rome and its prices.

What to eat in Rome?


Let´s be honest here, although we all love to try special and unique food from a place, when you are travelling to Italy the only thing you want to do is eating their famous pizzas, pastas, and gelatos to see if they are as good as everyone says.

In our opinion, we believe pasta (specially the cacio e pepe) and gelato were good, but the pizzas of Rome were overrated. In Rome they are specialized in selling small portions of pizza, and we didn´t really enjoyed them. It´s true that the prices were cheaper, but the quality wasn´t too good. In most of the cases those slices were preheated. The normal pizzas were good though.

Last of all, when travelling to Rome, there is one thing you must try, and that is the Suppli. It´s really good!

Restaurants in Rome


One of the biggest tips we are going to give you on this “Rome tourist guide” is related to the restaurants of the city. As you can imagine, the capital of one of the countries with the best food in the world, has of course, many incredible restaurants, but… This also means that there are many other people trying to take advantage of it.

Near the famous places, you will find many tourists traps, which are restaurants with not a very good quality but with very high prices.

Our favorite restaurant in Rome was Pastaciutta, a place specialized in pasta which is very cheap and will allow you to take your pasta to go and eat it at the San Peter square. Other great places are the Trattoria Monti and the Osteria Fernanda.

Where to stay in Rome?


It´s really hard to summarize which are the best places to stay in Rome in just a few lines so we will have to make an article about our experience, but here are a few tips:

The last time we visited the city we wanted something not very expensive but with great quality service, and that´s why we went to Yellow Square Hotel. It was located very close to the main metro station “Termini”.

If you are looking for more luxury places, we recommend you going to hotel de la Ville or Gran Melia Rome. What matters in Rome is that you stay somewhere near the center or close to an important metro station, if not you will have to walk very long distances every day.

Best day trips from Rome


In case you finish visiting Rome, or you get bored of it (which I doubt), there are many great options for day trips.

The one we recommend you the most is going to Pompeii, it´s about 2 hours and a half from Rome, and the experience is amazing. We did it when we were little and seeing the ruins of how the eruption of the Mount Vesuvius left the city is very shocking, but it´s also worth it.

Other popular day trips from Rome are to Tuscania (1 hour and half away), to Capri (4 hours away), or even to Florence (3 hours away). There are people who decide to go to Venice in just one day, but we think is too much and that´s why we didn´t add it to this Rome guide.

How to save money in Rome?

Of all the information about Rome, learning how to save money is probably one of the most important things. It´s true that the city is not especially expensive, but you will need to pay for many things, so if you don´t want to spend much money, these tips will help you.

  1. Don´t eat near the tourist attractions. As we said before the quality is not normally the best, and the prices are very high.
  2. Don´t take the taxi at the airport. This is something many tourists do when they arrive to Rome, but if you choose the bus, you will save a lot of money.
  3. Ask for tap water. The water from Rome is very good, so even if they try to sell you the bottles, ask them for tap water so you can save a few euros.
  4. Take a look to the FREE monuments. Although the visits to the monuments are cheap in Rome, you can save a few bucks if you decide to go to the FREE ones like the Pantheon.
  5. It´s obvious, but never go during the summer, Christmas, or Spring week. These dates are much more expensive.

Staying safe in Rome

Don´t panic! There are not many risks in Rome so there is nothing to worry about, but as it happens in most of the big and touristic cities there are a few things you may need to keep in mind.

The first one is that there are a lot of pickpockets in the city and the best way to avoid them is to always be aware and have your wallet and phone in from pocket. They are normally located in the most crowded areas like the metro or the squares of famous monuments.

The second tip we can give you is to never act like a tourist. The more you look like a local the better, keep that in mind to learn a few Italian words or to not dress very touristy.  

Where is Rome located on the map?

Since this is the best travel guide to Rome, we have decided to even put a map that helps you find on the map the exact location of Rome. Did you already know about it?

Hope you enjoyed reading the best travel guide for Rome!

That´s it! Hope all these Rome travel tips are useful, and you can have the best journey ever. You can read the rest of our articles from Rome if you still have questions, and if not, you can just ask us, and we will be glad to help you.

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