Reasons to visit Portugal

As many other, you may know Portugal either because of big or important cities like Porto or Lisbon, or because of their famous beaches. However, there are many other reasons to visit Portugal. Starting with meeting kind locals in their charming and small towns and continuing with visiting their famous monuments and colorful buildings. You could visit Portugal because of their beaches, but trying their fantastic seafood is one more reason to go. Another thing to have in mind while planning a trip to Portugal is their amazing sunsets, which are recognized as some of the best in the world. If those aren´t enough reasons to visit Portugal, wait for it, keep readind and you will be convinced.

Portugal Blogs

Best Food in Portugal


Portuguese gastronomy is recognized as one of the best types of food. What makes it so famous, is the wide variety of seafood they have. All kind of fish, crustacean and mollusk. But the Codfish is the one that stands out. You should at least try one of the 365 types there is (they say, there is one for each day of the year). You wouldn’t like to have both the same day, as you may end up full, but another famous dish, Portuguese people are specialized in, is the stew. They make it in a different way depending on the regions, but all of them good. Make sure to leave some room for dessert. It´s our favorite part, the “Pastéis de Belem”, they are famous for a reason and you shouldn’t leave the country without trying them! The food is an important part of Portuguese culture and one of the main reasons to visit Portugal!

Locals and small towns in Portugal


The small towns are the hidden games and main reasons to visit Portugal. Hundreds of styles but all of them impressive. Starting from charming and small towns like Miranda do Douro, where they even have their own language, to towns with fantastic buildings and architectures like the castles and palaces of Sintra. Other kind of towns you will find in Portugal are the beach towns, or the colorful towns (where every house has a different color) those are our favorites, but there are many other different styles… All of them have something in common their kind locals. In each single one of the towns they will treat you very well and give you the best welcome. The people in Portugal are very friendly, and if you need anything, they will always try to help you out.

Best beaches in Portugal

Portugal isn´t bathed by the Mediterranean, but it still has some of the best beaches in Europe. Although Portugal beaches are also known for being very cold (reason why we recommend visiting Portugal in Summer) the clear water and the white sand of their beaches make it one of the best beach destinations in Europe. In the Algarve (south of Portugal), are the best beaches for snorkeling, as there is a great variety species. Now if you are looking for paradise beaches, we recommend you visiting Setubal. It´s the perfect place to chill and have a relaxing vacation. Other places with great beaches are Portimão, Madeira or Albufeira.

Beautiful sunsets in Portugal

Because its location, Portugal sunsets are some of the best in the world. No matter if you are in the south or in the north, you should always try to make it to sunset time in a good spot. There are certain places which are most recommended to enjoy the sunset in Portugal. Starting with the big cities, in Porto, just five minutes away from Luis I bridge, up on the hill, there is an outstanding view of the city with the sun going down in back. In Lisbon we recommend enjoying the sunsets from the beaches of Costa da Caparica(about 15 minutes by car). Those are just some of them, but there are many more spots, all of them different. Others you could also like are the Cabo Espichel in Sesimbra, or the Boca Inferno in Cascais. Sunsets in Portugal are one of the best reasons to visit Portugal.

Local Markets and festivities in Portugal

Markets and festivities in Portugal are a must. It´s the best way to feel the real vibes of the country, to see how they live and their routines. You will be more connected to the culture of Portugal. There are different types of markets, but the best examples are the flea markets and the farmer markets. The farmer ones are the most recommended, if you are lucky and you get to see the fisherman in action while they capture the fishes and sell them, then you will be experiencing an authentic portuguese experience. The best market in Portugal is Mercado do Bolhao in Porto. It offers all kind of goods and fresh products. Other famous markets are the fruit market of Praça da Fruta in Caldas da Rainha or the Mercado de Campo de Ourique in Lisbon.

Public transport in Portugal

The transport in Portugal in general is good, of course in the bigger cities is better. In cities like Porto or Lisbon you will even be able to use the tram. There are different types of long-distance services: The Regional, the Interregional, the intercidade and Alfa Pendular Deluxe. From cities like Sintra, Cascais, Setubal or Braga, it will be really easy to get to the main ones, which are Porto and Lisbon. Another option is traveling with FlixBus, which is our most favourite option to travel around the country, as it´s normally the cheapest. Also the availability is very wide, so you can take the transport whenever you want. You could also take a taxi or an Uber in Portugal.