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Best restaurants in Priego de Cordoba

There aren´t many places in the world where we have eaten as good as we did in Priego de Cordoba. Just by talking to the locals, you can tell how much they enjoy their gastronomy and its history, but the best part comes when you get to try it. We spent a weekend there, but it was enough time, to try the best restaurants in Priego de Cordoba. Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about them, including some tips on what to order in each restaurant.

Where to eat in Priego de Cordoba?

It wasn´t easy, but we organized the different restaurants from the best one at the begining, and the also delicious, but not as good, at the end.

Gastrobar Zyrah


Our favorite restaurant was the one we got to try first. Gastrobar Zyrah is located just a few a minute’s walking from the city hall and from our hotel, so it was the perfect option for a late dinner. If you want to go (specially on weekends), it is important to make a reservation first.

As it happens with most of the restaurants in Priego de Cordoba, the first thing they will serve you, are the specialties of the town. An olive oil bottle, San Nicassio chips and a small plate of olives.

Their top dishes are octopus, salmon toast and bull´s tail. If you are looking for vegetarian options, we had bread with tomato and guacamole, the typical cordobesa salad without cod and Japanese gyozas, it was all great.

La Ribera


Another restaurant we really enjoyed in Priego de Cordoba was La Ribera. In this town you can go everywhere walking, but this is also a few minutes away from the city hall.

Once you enter it, you will see its modern and unique design, and of course, the first thing they will serve you are the chips, olives, and olive oil. Trust us, even though they serve them everywhere, you won´t get tired.

Their specialties are the tomato salad with caramelized goat cheese (also for vegetarians), sauteed mushrooms with ham and their famous Red Velvet cheesecake.

Rio restaurant in Priego de Cordoba


Also located in the center of Priego de Cordoba, Rio is another restaurant you should try. All these 3 places we have talked about, are almost next to each other.

This was a perfect place to eat some tapas. We got to try the famous Salmorejo Cordobés, which in case you don´t know, it is one of the most popular dishes in Spain. They also served as authentic Iberic jam and a delicious plate of cheese.

We didn´t get to try it, but one of their specialties is Flamenquín, a very common dish in Andalucia.

Los Alamos


Last of all, we are going to tell you about a place located in a smaller town inside Priego de Cordoba, called Zagrilla baja.

Los Alamos restaurant is ideal for your last day in Priego de Cordoba, right before leaving, or for a day where you’re a visiting the towns nearby.

This restaurant felt even more local than the others and everyone was super friendly.

Here we decided to skip our vegetarian diet, to try the authentic cordobesa salad, this time with cod, and their chicken wings, which are famous all over the area. We also tried their also popular migas. Everything was great, but we ended up super full, so don´t order as much as we did.

Don´t worry if you don´t want to eat meat or fish, because they also have vegetarian options, you will just have to ask them.

¿What to eat in Priego de Córdoba?


Now that you know the best restaurants in Priego de Cordoba, let´s talk about the foods and dishes that are unique from this town and this part of Spain. Of course, we have already mentioned some of them, but you may find a few surprises.

For tapas and starters, there is no doubt; San Nicasio chips, which by the ay, are condsidered somme of the best chips in the world, olive oil and olives.

If you are looking for heavier dishes, collejas are super popular, you should also try flamenquines, which are common all over andalucia, bull´s tail and of course, salmorejo.

As a dessert, there is nothing more unique from Priego de Cordoba, than the Turrolate.

Enjoy eating in Priego de Cordoba

Those were the top 4 restaurants we tried during our trip to Priego de Cordoba, but again we were just a few days there, so if you have tried other restaurants that you really liked, please share it with us and tell us about them in the comments.

⊛ 3 (+1) Best restaurants in Priego de Cordoba 🥖【 Where to eat? 】
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⊛ 3 (+1) Best restaurants in Priego de Cordoba 🥖【 Where to eat? 】
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