Beautiful beach sunset in Lisbon

Beautiful beach sunset

We had always wondered why in the world it is so tough for us photographers to pick our favorite sunset spot out of all the ones we have been to. That place where you have taken your best sunset photos. Not sure if this one was, if we can consider it the best sunset ever, but it absolutely was the most beautiful beach sunset in Lisbon.

At last, after having a great time in the capital of Portugal and it´s outskirts, we have somehow come to realize why. If you have had the fortune of scanning the horizon from any of the astonishing spots in Portugal, the reason is probably black and white for you. There should be nothing further to add. However, if you have not, we are eager to tell you how amazed you are going to be. 

We must admit that before our intense experience there, we were taking the rumors of Portugal having the most beautiful sunsets in the world with a bean of shot. And we can´t believe how wrong we were. We reckon we might have taken around 3,000 pictures at dusk, and if that does not support the travelers´ lore, we don´t know what will. Yes, we have ended up eating humble pie and we are more than happy about it.

Finding the best Lisbon beaches in Costa da Caparica


First day in Portugal was extraordinary. The eight hours drive from Madrid did not feel dreary at all thanks to a brief but worth halt in Merida. We finally made it to the destination: Our Costa da Caparica hotel was “Aldeia dos Capuchos, 15-20 minutes far from Lisbon´s “25 de Abril” Bridge, which is more or less the average distance from Costa da Caparica to Lisbon. Even though the ride was not that exhausting, we cannot say we were the life and soul of the party either. We were so travel-weary that we just wanted to get some rest on the beach, so we did. We headed to the closest beach to the hotel, which was packed. Crowded places can be a bit disappointing. So, we decided to get off the beach and track.

After driving aimlessly for a while, we found what we were looking for: a fascinating beach located in a natural park. We were thrilled to appreciate how extensive and empty it was. A short glance at the scenery instantly captivated us. A perfect blend of golden sand and emerald vegetation faded into the seashore. Unfortunately, we can only describe the panorama by writing the words you are reading because we were not able to capture it with the camera the way we would have liked to. Time went by, and after a short walk, we felt a little frustrated since we could not take as many pictures as we wanted to.

Golden hour time


On our way back, an unexpected good fortune awaited us. A huge group of people gathered in a circle around something we could not distinguish from a distance. As we got closer, wondering what was going on, we noticed how the sun was beginning to go down.

Once there with the rest of the people, we saw it: two trucks and dozens of fisherman, who where trying to pull something apparently heavy out of the water. The spontaneous audience was starting to get anxious to see what the fishers had caught. Suddenly, they were told to make room for the fishing boat, and the crew deposited the nets on the ground, letting their impressed spectators observe the tremendous amount of fish they had captured. However, not only tourists attention was drawn, seagulls were also attracted by the essence of fish, octopuses and all kinds of seafood. The memorable scene, beautified by the golden hour light, appeared to be taken out of an award -winning flm.

The fishermen started to work and sorted all the goods into boxes, which we thought were being prepared to be taken to a fishmarket. Unexpectedly, people began asking for the prices of each piece and the beach became a casual and clamorous outdoors market. Meawhile, the low tide let us appreciate the stunning reflections of the colorful and changing sky. The fusion of dark blue tones of the sky with the orange and yellowish colors of the skyline created an exceptional spectacle, which you could only stop staring at when carried away by the sounds of children playing and throwing the left-overs to the overexcited seagulls.

Finished the day with one of the best Portugal sunsets ever!


We were focused on capturing such an ideal instant, trying to seize every subtle alteration in the shades of the sky. At that very moment we finally understood what makes a sunset become your “favourite and most beautiful beach sunset of your life”. It is not the colors of the sky, or the ability to capture it with the camera. Not even the beauty of the scene: It´s probably the goosebumps, the gleam in people´s eyes and the astonishment symbolized by the serenity of the moment, it´s also the light, transforming the already flawless instant into an irreplaceable memory. In conclusion, it´s the feeling of being special for having enjoyed it and for being able to show it to the ones who haven´t witnessed it, so that they own at least sense of the bliss you felt.


That was the end of a fantastic day for the families and tourists who stood there, buying fish, delighted by the colorful image. It was getting dark already and the fishers, who were getting ready to go back into the ocean, and us, were the only ones left. We waited until the last beam of light was gone and then we decided to leave. But when we were heading back to where the car was parked, a purple tone covered the whole sky. Enthusiastic as we had never been, and pleased by the value of our job, we grabbed our tripods, went back to our spot, turned the cameras on and finished the day with a postcard to remember if not the best, one of the most beautiful beach sunsets in the world.

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