What is Spain known for?

Spain is a country known for being one of the best vacation’s destinations in the world and it’s on the top 3 most visited countries every year. There are many reasons for it and you probably know most of them: Some of the best beaches in Europe, the crazy Spanish fiesta and the weather in Spain is perfect for vacations. But this is just an important but small part of the things that make Spain so famous and touristic. So here is our list of "what is Spain known for?"

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Where to go on holiday in Spain


Most of the people know about the famous beaches you can find in Spain, but what many don´t know, is that Spain offers almost all types of holyday destinations. Starting with nature places like the ones in Galicia or Asturias, but you can also find big cities in Spain, like Madrid or Barcelona. There are also volcanic areas in Spain, such as the Canary Islands. Doing some hiking is also a possibility in Spain and of course that includes the famous “Camino de Santiago Compostela”.  It´s the perfect country to explore and discover new places!

Enjoy the Spanish fiesta


Spanish people would never say no to a good party. That´s the reason why all over the country you will find great places for that! The best party places are in Ibiza and Mallorca. Don´t worry if you are not in the mood, because the locals will make you be… There are great places not just for party but others to just enjoy some tapas and have a great time with friends. The best tapas are always in Madrid and Andalucía. Anyway, you should know staying at home bored, is never an option in this country. Everywhere you go, there will be kind locals that will treat you like family.

The Incredible Spain weather


Another reason why so many people visit Spain every year, is because of the Spain climate. The sun is shining almost during the whole year, and that means, when traveling to Spain you should only worry about the swim clothes, who doesn´t like that? Of course, you´ll find cold places, but going to the beach in winter in Spain is also possible. Some of the warmest winter holiday destinations are the Canary Islands or Murcia and Andalucía in the south of the peninsula. But during summer season, wherever you go, you will have high temperatures, which sometimes, it can be too hot, but in general, it´ll always help to enjoy your vacations!     

Public transport in Spain

If you´re planning a trip to Spain and you want to know how to move around the country, don´t worry it´s very easy to go from one place to another. In big cities like Madrid or Barcelona is impossible to get lost, you have metro, cercanias (train) and public buses. The prices aren´t extremely high but are not the cheapest neither. The bus ticket will cost you between 1-2€, the metro will be almost the same, but the train is a little bit more expensive. In the other big cities is also possible to move by public transport, even in most of the small towns. But you should NEVER get a taxi, it will be fine if you do, but the prices of the taxis in Spain can be extremely high, and if it´s needed you can always choose companies like Uber or Cabify which will be better.

Best beaches of Spain

Planning a trip to Spain make everyone be thinking on having a drink at one of the many fantastic beaches of Spain. Most of the beaches are good but choosing the right ones will make you enjoy your vacations even more. Most of the people choose the beaches in Alicante or Costa Brava because of the location(just three hours by car from the capital), but those are usually the most crowded places, others prefer the weather of the Canary Islands, but you need to go by plane, and others prefer the beaches of the north of Spain which are usually colder. It´s a hard decision, but no matter which one you choose you will have a wonderful time.

Skiing or hiking in Spain

Spain is popular for being a perfect summer destination, but what many don´t know is that Spain is also a good destination for skiing or hiking, as there are many high mountains. The best hiking places in Spain are in the islands, the volcanic area has big mountains and perfect places for hiking, for example in Tenerife you will find one of the highest places in Europe and the highest peak of Spain: The Teide. Another famous hike in Spain is the Santiago walk, which will always finish in the capital of A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela. And if you are planning a trip to Spain to do some ski, you should go to the north-east of the Iberian peninsula, Catalonia and Aragon have the best ski resorts of Spain with the exception of Sierra Nevada in Granada.

Best activities to do in Spain.

To finish helping you planning a trip to Spain, here is a list of the 5 best activities to do in Spain:

  • Experience the fantastic Alhambra of Granada
  • Have a wonderful boat ride at the Retiro Park in Madrid
  • Visit the historical cathedral of Sagrada Familia
  • Enjoy the tropical weather of Canary Islands
  • Spend a day in the impressive “Playa de las Catedrales” of Galicia.