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The 5 Best restaurants to eat in Milan

Are you going to spend some time in Milan, and you still don´t know where to eat? Well, don´t worry! In Milan, as it happens with most of the Italian cities, you will find delicious food everywhere you go.

Anyway, since we have just come from a trip to the “fashion capital” we have decided to do a guide with the best restaurants in Milan. We are sure this will help you make your choice.

1) La Prosciutteria


We start our list of places to eat in Milan, with the Proscitutteria, a restaurant that has one of the best quality-price ratios in the whole city. You can perfectly have a lunch or dinner for between 5€ and 15€ per person.

“La Prosciutteria” is a very famous restaurant chain all over Italy (not just in Milan), they have restaurants in Florencia, Bolonia, Verona, and many other cities. Being more specific, in Milan there are two restaurants of this chain, one located near the Navigli, which is perfect to go for dinner, and the other one (which is where everyone goes) is located in Brera.

In “La Proscciutteria”, as you could imagine by hearing the name, they are specialized in sausages, hams, and sandwiches. You will love them!

2) Premiata Trattoria Arlati


On second place, we go from a cheap option as it was “La Prosciutteria”, to one of those “Fancy and Top restaurants to eat in Milan” … The Premiata Trattoria Arlati. It´s a place with a huge history, and it´s very well recognized by the Italian people because is where many musicians and artists used to meet.

About its food, they have some incredible and delicious dishes, for example the “cured ham with mozzarella cheese from Parma”, or their incredible “Risotto alla Milanese”. Their meals are very elaborated.

Other than that, we also enjoyed a lot the atmosphere of the restaurant. They have the first floor where the musicians play, and the second floor where everything looks more photogenic with sculptures and arts. It´s for sure one of those must try restaurants in Milan, you won´t regret it.

3) Pizzería Premiata


Obviously, we were not going to let you leave Milan without trying one of the incredible Italian pizzas! It´s true that in Milan they also have other kinds of food, but we are those kinds of people who believe that you should always try a pizza when visiting any Italian city.

In this case we are going to recommend you the “Pizzeria Premiata”, which by the way, it´s also the best restaurant in Milan in our opinion (of course, only having in mind the ones we have tried). There are probably better ones, but its incredible pizzas and the amazing location near the Navigli river, made it pretty amazing.

Also, its prices are very reasonable, it was between 10€ and 14€ for each pizza, and the sizes were huge.

4) Pollería Milano 2.0


Our fourth option is one of those trendy restaurants in Milan, its name is “Pollería Milano 2.0”, and we have to advise you that is a much different restaurant than what we are normally use to see in the city. As its name says, they are specialized in chicken.

On our first impression, we thought it was a fast-food restaurant, where you order your chicken, and you leave as soon as you can. Later, we discovered that they were doing great sustainable things and they are actually working on a new way of breeding the chickens to make it more ecological.  

Of course, working so much on the breeding process, make the quality of the chicken be way better, so its dishes are fantastic. Plus, the prices were very nice, the plate that everybody orders, which is the “half-chicken” dish, costs only around 5€.  

5) Le Cottolette


One of our recommended places to eat in Milan if you are looking for something local, is… “Le Cottolette”.

As you can already imagine by its name, the most popular dish of the restaurant is the “Cotoleta alla Milanese” which is basically like a breaded porkchop, and it´s very common all around the city.

They make 15 different types of these delicious meal, and its prices are around 14€ to 17€, which is not too bad for eating something so elaborated.

Enjoy the best places to eat in Milan

That´s it! That´s the end of our list of recommended restaurants to go in Milan, as you have seen, the prices are not too low, but you can find great deals, and the quality of the food, believe us, it will be worth it.

As soon as we go back to the city, we will make sure to try some other cool places to eat in Milan to add them to this guide, but meanwhile, if you know any other, let us know so we can try it next time. If you have any question about the restaurants of Milan, or about anything else from the city, you can always write us through the comment section below.

⊛ The 5 best restaurants in Milan 【 Coolest places to eat 】
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⊛ The 5 best restaurants in Milan 【 Coolest places to eat 】
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