Everything you need to know about South Africa!

After doing a trip to South Africa we learned a lot of this country! Since some. of you have many questions before travelling to South Africa, for example: Is it safe? What places should we visit in South Africa?? When is the best time to visit it? and more…Here we will be telling you everything you need to know about South Africa!! And if you have more questions, you can just ask us in the comments!!

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We aren´t talking about Boulders beach! This is a different one, where you will still have the chance to see wild penguins, but without being surounded by huge crowds… please, if you decide to go, be respectfull with them!

There are many things to do in Cape Town and if you are going there for just 2 days, you might be scared of not seeing everything… well don´t worry, we got you covered! Here is the best weekend intinerary in Cape Town!

More general information about South Africa!

Below you will find more facts about South Africa that might  interest you:

Altough it is true South Africa is really popular, most people just know about their animals and about Nelson Mandela…But there are many more things!

So…What is South Africa known for?

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