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10 Best things to do and see in Dublin

Are you thinking on travelling to Dublin, but you still don´t know which places to visit? Do you want to know which are the MUST do activities? Well, don´t worry, we have just spent some days in the capital of Ireland, and we have decided to do a list with the 10 best things to do and see in Dublin. Of course, these are the ones we recommend the most, but there are many other places to visit.

1) Visit St. Patrick´s Cathedral


The only way to start a list of things to do in Dublin is by naming the famous St. Patrick´s Cathedral. We are not going to tell you that it was our favorite place of the city, but since it´s the most recognized place (and it´s also very beautiful), visiting it is obligatory.

A random fact you should know about this place is that is the biggest church in the whole country, and it´s dedicated to the patron of Ireland, which is St. Patrick.

Although most of the people only visit it from outside, because it has a great garden and the view is pretty amazing from there, the truth is that we really advise you going inside. The decoration is amazing, but the best of all was that it reminded us of a scenery of a Harry Potter movie. Trust us, visiting it is worth it.

2) Temple Bar


Okay, we have just started our blog of things to see in Dublin and we already have a first debate 🤦‍♂️. Our second stop is Temple Bar, and this is the typical place that some people hate, and others love…In our case, we absolutely loved it.

The reason why people hate it is because they think Is a place only made for tourists, the prices are expensive, and the food is not so good. In our opinion, we agree that the prices were not the cheapest, but they were not extremely expensive either. And the biggest reason why we enjoyed it so much was its atmosphere: They had a musician playing typical Irish music, the waitress was very nice and the best of all was the decoration, it felt like if we were on an Irish movie.

It´s up to you to go or not, but we will definitely visit it again as soon as we go back to Dublin.

3) Try the Guinness Beer


Here there are no more arguments, no matter if you like beers or if you don´t, when visiting Ireland (specially when going to Dublin), you HAVE TO at least try the famous black Guinness. It´s one of the most typical things to do in Dublin.

In our case, Alfon HATES (Yes in capital letters) the beer, and Gon doesn´t hate it, but he is not a big fan either…Well, we still decided t try it! So, you have no excuse to not do it. Alfon just too a few sips and Gon ordered a whole beer for himself. Being honest, the results were not the best for us, the beer was very strong…But it was something we had to do.

Don´t worry, if you are a big fan of beers like our father, we can already tell you that you will love it. He ordered them all the time.

4) Go for a walk in O’Connell Street


You may think that we are boring people, but one of the best tourist attractions in Dublin for us was as simple us just going for a walk through O’Connell Street. The street itself is one of the widest in Europe and what we liked about it was its atmosphere…You will ALWAYS find the street crowded.

Other than the atmosphere, in the avenue you will see quite a few important monuments of Dublin as the statue of Daniel O´Connell, the General Post Office of Dublin, and the most curious place, a huge steel needle of 120 meters known as “The monument of light” or “The Spire of Dublin”.

O’Connell Street is also the most commercial street of Dublin, so if you want to go shopping, is the best moment to do it. As soon as you finish, you can also take the chance and eat in any of the thousand pubs there are in the street.

5) Christ Church Cathedral


Another of the best things to see in Dublin and in our opinion one of the most worth visiting spots is the Christ Church Cathedral. This church is always “fighting” with St. Patrick´s Cathedral for being the most beautiful cathedral of Ireland. For us, they were very tight, but if we had to choose, we would say St Patrick´s was more beautiful on the indoors, and Christ Church Cathedral was better outdoors.

One thing you need to know about this church is that it´s the oldest building of the city. It was built in 1028 and the one who did it (imagine how old it is) was a Viking king.

As soon as you leave the Cathedral, on the left you will see a very cool bridge that unifies the church with Synod Hall. This places, other than making your photos a million times better, it also has an exposition of the history of Dublin during their “Viking years”. It´s very interesting.

6) Trinity College and its library


One of the most touristic places in Dublin is the Trinity College and its due to two different reasons; The first one is its fame as a university, and the second and most important one is its incredible library. Being honest, its library was the place we were most excited of seeing In all Dublin, and it ended up disappointing us little bit.

Okay, is probably the most spectacular library we have seen in our live, and just for that, it was worth visiting it. Plus, is the one Star Wars used to get inspired to create their Jedi Temple and we are big fans of the saga…So, we loved that.

At this point everything was great, but there were two big issues why it disappointed us. The first one was it price, it costs 17$, which we think it´s a lot to just see one unique room. And the other problem was that there were too many people (but I guess that´s not their fault). In conclusion, we think it´s worth the visit, but they should lower the price.

7) Molly Malone statue


From one of the most expensive paces in Dublin, we go to a FREE one. It´s true that is a statue located on the street, so they better not charge you for just walking through the street 😂. We are talking about the Molly Malone statue, which is a place where you will have lots of fun.

Before we start talking, let us tell you a bit about Molly Malone. She is the protagonist of a popular song of Ireland, that says that she was a street seller that used to carry a fish cart during the day, but at night she was a prostitute.

 What happens is that if you see her breasts, you will realize that they have a more worn-out color. Well, the reason is because as the legend says, if you touch her breasts, you will be a lucky person. Of course, nowadays, everyone who visits the monuments takes a picture touching her breasts.

8) Liffey River


One of the activities to do in Dublin is enjoying a walk near the Liffey River and the bridges that are on its proximities. The river is close to Temple Bar, so you can go after having a lunch there.

The two bridges you need to keep in mind are the Ha’penny Bridge and the Millennium Bridge, both are very nice and well decorated. At night or during Christmas they are illuminated, which makes the scenery even more beautiful.

If you like to take photos, from the bridges you can get one of the best images of Dublin, which is showing the river and the Custom House on the back.

9) Get lost wandering through the streets of Dublin


British style houses, orange neighborhoods and colorful doors…That´s what you will see if you decide to not follow a “Typical Dublin touristic guide” and just explore around the city.

We did it on our last day of the trip during two hours at sunrise time and it was one of the best decisions we made. Being concrete, we advise you to get lost in the area of St. Andrew Street and Wicklow Street. We liked it a lot.

10) Guinness Storehouse


Again, although we have already told you that we don´t really like beer, Dublin is the city of the beer, so these stops are mandatory. In this case we are going to the Guinness Storehouse.

This is the old fabric and stock place of the Guinness beer of Dublin. Nowadays is just a museum for tourists to enjoy. Over there you will see the process of making the famous black beer, you will see the huge collection of old bottles and many other things.

The best of all, is that as soon as you finish you can go up to the Gravity Bar, take a beer over there and admire one of the best views of the city. Going to the Guinness Storehouse is for sure one of the most popular activities to do in Dublin.

Enjoy the best places to visit in Dublin

That´s it! This is the end of our list of places to see in Dublin, as you can imagine, there are many more, but these are the ones we think you can not miss.

Hope you enjoy your visit to the city, and if you have any other question, suggestion, or you know any other important things to do in Dublin, please let us know! We would love to help!

⊛ Top 10 Best things to do and see in Dublin 【 in 2021 】
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⊛ Top 10 Best things to do and see in Dublin 【 in 2021 】
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