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Mal Pas beach Benidorm

Today we are going to talk about the most beautiful beach in Benidorm. Although it´s true that the beaches of “Levante” and “Poniente” are way better due to its distance and the amount of activities you are able to do, we have to recognize that the Mal Pas beach is very pretty.

Characteristics of the Mal Pas cove

Right after the two main beaches, the cove of Mal Pas is the beach everyone recognices, but…Why does that happen? What is it known for?

  • Rather than a beach, it´s a very small cove. Actually, its measure is only about 120 meters and another 2.600 square meters of sand.

  • Its width is about 20 meters, but what is more surprising is that when the ocean level increases, it can go down to just 2 meters. On another hand, if the ocean level decreases it can go up to 30 meters.

  • Although it´s a tiny beach, it still has a lifeguard and a security flag.

  • It offers many services as a runway to get to the beach, an access for handicapped people, a foot washer and it even has a place to rent deck chairs.

  • When talking about the quality, we must say that it has a golden sand and its water is super clear.

Photo: Rubén Ojeda

How to reach Mal Pas beach

This beach is located right between the two most famous beaches: “Poniente” and “Levante”. Being more concrete, the cove of Mal Pas is under the beach of San Jaime, which means is right in the old town of Benidorm, so getting there is pretty easy.

1) By car


Going by car is not our favourite option, but you can still do it. There is a parking lot very close to the beach that has between 50 and 100 spots so if you try to park there in high season during mid-day, it will be very tough to find a place, but if you go early in the morning or during other season you won´t have any problem.

2) By bus


Luckily, if you are willing to travel to Benidorm without a car and your hotel is far away from the Mal Pas beach, then don´t worry because you can still go by bus.

The bus stop is very close to the beach, so you will just need to walk a little bit right after you get down the bus. As it happens in the rest of the cities of Spain, this is a normal urban bus that has its schedule for the whole day.

3) Walking/ By bike


It´s our favourite option, specially if your hotel is located close to the cove. Since the beach is near to the old town, the walk to go there is through the promenade or as we say in Spain, the “Paseo Marítimo”.

If you are a little bit far away from the beach, you can also rent an electric bike. We got the chance of trying them and we got surprised for two things. On one side, the bike is super-fast and you get from one place to another in just 5 minutes. On another side, the city of Benidorm is very well prepared for bikers, so it makes it much easier.

Mal Pas beach: The hidden gem of Benidorm


In our opinion, one of the reasons why this beach is so good is because it´s a “hidden paradise” in Benidorm. As you may know, Benidorm is a city that gets very crowded during the whole year and finding empty spots is almost impossible. Although you will not see Mal Pas empty neither, since is not such a big beach, you will feel much more relaxed and with less people.

Another good reason to visit the beach is because is fantastic if you want a good photo from Benidorm. The beach itself is beautiful, but it has some palms at the end that make it be very photogenic.

Photo: ferengra

Enjoy the cove of Mal Pas in Benidorm

As you have seen the Mal Pas beach, although it´s not too big, it has everything you need. Just the fact that will give you the opportunity to chill and be more relaxed is enough to give it a try.

Hope this article was useful, and if you have any other question about the beach or about Benidorm just let us know, we would love to help you with it.

⭐️ Mal Pas Beach Benidorm 【 Discover the hidden gem 】
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⭐️ Mal Pas Beach Benidorm 【 Discover the hidden gem 】
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