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Levante beach in Benidorm

Benidorm is a city known for having fabulous beaches, and there are two of them that are considered some of the best beaches in the whole country of Spain: “Playa de Poniente” and “Playa de Levante”. Today we are going to tell you all about the Levante beach in Benidorm.

Characteristics of “Playa de Levante”

  • It´s a beach that has a length of 2 kilometers and it goes from Sierra Helada to Punta Canfali. Although it´s pretty huge, it´s only the second longest beach, as “Playa de Poniente” is a little bit bigger. The exact length is 2.084 meters.
  • The standard width of this beach is around 55 meters, but it can go up to almost 80 meters and down to 20 meters. In any case, is more than enough to have space to walk through the beach without getting too close to other people. There are around 125.000 m2 of sand.
  • Levante beach has the blue flag since 1987. As a reminder the blue flag is used to measure the quality of a beach and its environmental management.
  • When talking about its services, we need to mention that there are 2 medical areas, between 3 to 9 lifeguards, many recreative areas, 3 bathrooms, more than 100 litter bins and there are also places to rent hammocks or to do water activities.
  • The quality of the beach is really good, it has a golden and thin sand, and its water is pretty clear to do snorkel or other water activities.

Why is it known as “The beach for young people”?


When we visited Benidorm last time it was when the Valencian Community was closed for tourists, so of course it didn´t have the same atmosphere as it normally has. Anyway, everyone knows that although there are more beaches, Levante and Poniente are the most visited ones…but their target is very different.

 While “Playa de Poniente” is visited by the families and the people who only want to relax at the beach, “Playa de Levante” is the complete opposite. There is always a more “party” atmosphere, there are more discos, pubs and even more activities to do at the beach.

It is said that only young people visit this beach, but if you are in to have some fun, you will be more than welcome over there.

How to reach Levante beach?

This famous beach is located in the center of Benidorm, in the most touristic area. It´s where most of the hotels are located so getting there is pretty easy. This are the different options you have:

1) Walking or by bike


The first option is pretty obvious, but as we said, the location of the beach is very good and most of the hotels are in this area, so you won´t have any trouble if you decide to go walking. Plus, there is a very nice promenade, which means that the walk is beautiful and very enjoyable.

Other than that, even if your hotel is a little bit farther away from the beach, we also advice you renting an electric bike. We tried them on our trip, and they are surprisingly fast and very easy to use. The city is very well prepared for bikers.

2) By bus


In case you are spending time out of the center, and you didn´t bring the car with you, don´t worry because you can also get there by bus. There are only two lines that will get you near Levante beach and those are: 01 and 02.

3) By car


Of course, there is also a third option, which is going by car. We don´t recommende it so much as you will need to worry about where to park, about finding a place and if you are close to the beach is better to go walking.

Levante beach Benidorm reviews

That´s all you need to know about the Levante beach in Benidorm. As you have seen it´s a very long beach, with all kinds of facilities and perfect for people who want to have fun and do water activities.

In our opinion, we like Poniente beach better, as we prefer more calmed areas. But Levante is still a very nice option and it has many great reviews. Hope you have enjoyed reading the article, and if you have any other question, please let us know.

⊛ Levante Beach in Benidorm 【 Review, how to reach it... 】
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⊛ Levante Beach in Benidorm 【 Review, how to reach it... 】
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