All you need to know about Turkey

Many people are not visiting Turkey because they think it´s not safe anymore, but after visiting the country we have seen it´s the best time to go. There are not that many tourists and the country is totally fine. One of the reasons to visit Turkey is that it´s one of the few countries divided in two continents which makes it a very special place. There are many things to do and see in Turkey like admiring beautiful landscapes, enjoying fantastic activities, and trying delicious food and many historical facts to learn. Here is all you need to know about Turkey!

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Typical Turkish food:

Not everyone knows it, but the Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world. That of course takes part of all you need to know about Turkey. Either if you are from Europe or if you are from Asia, you will be impressed by how good and unique the taste of most of the Turkish meals is.

About Turkish restaurants

It will surprise you, how the restaurants work in Turkey. For example, you will not have the need to order all your meals at the same time. Instead you can go step by step ordering once you finish with your plate. Another thing you should have in mind when visiting Turkey, is that in some places they tend to give you small appetizers without being ordered and you may think they are free. Later, when the bill comes you will realize it is higher than what you were expecting, so they do have a prize. Sometimes the waiters can be a little bit fast. They will even take the food away when you are still eating. If this happens to you, don´t be shy and tell them to wait until you finish.

Where to eat in turkey


Many people think Turkish food and Turkish restaurants are just kebabs and that´s it. But there are more types of restaurants. Of all you need to know about Turkey, you should learn to distinguish the different types. Starting with the typical Lokanta, which is the common restaurant, where you can have soup or meat dishes (normally these dishes are cocked earlier, and they keep them worm). Another type of places to eat are the restorans. The restorans are like the Lokanta but a little higher in quality. These are just some of them, but there are many more. Of course, if you are in a hurry and want to eat something quick, your best option will be to eat in a kebab place.

Traditional Turkish dishes

Now if we are talking about the most common and traditional dishes, then you should try the Simit. It´s their typical bread. The yogurt is an option too, and of course don´t miss their famous kebabs. If you are one of those who like spicy food try the Adana kabab. To finish, one of their most famous desserts is the Künefe. One of their favorites desserts and of course another plate which has pistachio inside. You will realize most of their desserts taste like pistachio.

Turkey geographical location

The country of Turkey is in the east of Europe and in the west of Asia. Therefore, Turkey is one of the few places on earth divided in two different continents. The city of Istanbul is the one that divides the two continents, that makes possible to see a great diversity all over the city, in the people and in their cultures. It is also surrounded by eight different countries: Iraq, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Syria, which makes it even a more diverse country.

Best places to visit in Turkey

Although Turkey is reach in culture, history or food, what stands out is the diversity of places there are. If you want to know all about Turkey, you should know all this great variety: From amazing beaches through the 8000km of Coast line that the country owns, to huge mountains ranges, with high peaks including the Mount Ararat, which is the highest mountain of Turkey with more than 5000 meters. There are also big cultural cities with a lot of history like Istanbul or Ankara, the capital of Turkey. And historical places like the ruins of Ephesus. Last of all, if you are a nature person, there are natural parks like Munzur valley Natural park or kaçkar mountains national park.

The Wonders of Turkey

There are two special places in Turkey that are not in the 7 wonders list but could be included without any doubt, the first one is Pamukkale, known also as the cotton castle, and it´s one of the most visited places in Turkey. The second one is the one that all of you probably know…Cappadocia. Cappadocia is for sure the best place to visit in Turkey. There´s nothing better than enjoying a magical sunset while watching the hot air balloons at this special formations.

History of Turkey country

Turkey´s history should also be part of all you need to know about Turkey. There has been many successions and many changes of empires, it has been a country dominated by the Persians, by the Greeks and by the Romans. Turkey was known as the Byzantine Empire. All the empires have left their legacy and that´s one of the reasons why Turkey is full of history and knowledge and has so many cultures sharing the country. The Ottoman empire was the one who influenced the Islam through the whole country. After they fall in 1918, turkey become into a more modern country. Now Turkish are 99% Muslims and have a powerful language that is spoken through the whole country.

Public transport in Turkey


Of all you need to know about Turkey, learn to move around the different places is your priority. There are many options for public transport in Turkey. There are suburban trains, local buses, subway, trams, minibuses and taxis. The best part of the public transport in Turkey, is that in most of the places you can buy a card and pay a deposit, this one can be used in the different transports, without needing a special card for each of the transports. Local buses are the cheapest option, and aevery city or town of Turkey, provide this service. Metro is the fastest option, but not every city has it. Another option which is the less common is the tram, not many cities own trams. And last, are the taxis, in Turkey, set prices are the normal way, but on-board meter is required.